Every vision begins with an Idea. A logo is simply an expression of an idea. in the mind of the visionary. CDG will help you create a logo that fits the purpose of your vision through a logo design process. explained below. 

CDG Logo Design Process

  • 1. Purpose

    In first phase we  begin by answering the question of why? What is the purupose of you business? What are your goals for your business? What do you wish to accomplish? What is  the name of your business?  Do  you have a color preference for your logo?  

  • 2. Initial Design Concepts

    In the second phase we will begin using  the answered questions from step 1.  We will use your answers and begin with a visual word graph and pictograph with word and symbols that best describes your business idea. 

  • 3. Font Design Concept

    In this phase we will explore with the use of various fonts that will flow with the design concepts of your logo.  Using the art of Calligraphy , CDG can created a custom font to meet your needs. You can also choose a  font from CDGs font library.  

  • 4. Putting it together

    In this phase CDG will put the concepts of step 2 and step 3 together.   A design board will be creeted to display the various concepts that have been put together.  This design board will presented to the client by email.  

  • 5. Revision and Final Concept

    This is the final phase  in the process.  The design concepts in step 4 are discussed with the client and a final logo design is decided upon. CDG will  render the final logo changes present them back to the client by email. 

  • 6. Implementation  and  Export

    This is the final phase in which we will format your logo in both vector and bitmap graphics. You can use the bitmap for digital media such as websites , slideshows, social media. You may use the vector graphic for print media such as banners. brochures, business cards, flyers, and tshirts.

Logo Designs

Below is a gallery of Logos that CDG has created for various clients.  


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